Becoming a nobody - the secret sauce for great observations

2018 Fellows at CHC Ballabhgarh during Clinical Immersion

Dr. Prashant Jha:
Well, get ready for limitless discoveries. The time has come for you all to immerse and be a part of the healthcare ecosystem. Open your senses, observe and then figure out problems.

(After this, I could see the excitement in everybody’s eyes, like a sailor about to start his first voyage, clueless about the obstacles in the journey but faith in himself to reach the destiny)

Dr Jha, could you tell us more about making observations.

Dr. Prashant Jha
A Good observer makes observation like a video-recorder, records all information without any bias, you don’t comment on what you perceive, nor do you suggest. You accept all that comes without any resistance. Look at people, understand why they are in a healthcare system. Observe them like you are invisible, you are nobody. When you start becoming somebody, people starts noticing you, they become conscious. Become a Nobody - that is the key to becoming a good observer!

'A Good Observer makes observations
like a video-recorder.'

Batch of 2018
(We looked at each other, all confused!)

Dr. Prashant Jha
Don’t worry, lights will guide you home!

With this, we adorned the invisible cloak (Harry Potter nerds)
and got ready to immerse in clinical centres.

...from the notebook of Asis Mohandas