From the Field: Digging Deeper

Observing a surgical procedure for a detailed understanding
 The process of validating a need with different stakeholders repeatedly makes things more clear, at the same time will direct us in narrowing down the needs.
Stakeholders are important, since they are the immediate group of people who deal with the problem everyday. 

It is necessary to get connected with the stakeholders throughout the product development process.
After revalidating our Top 10 needs with different stakeholders in some of the private and Govt. Hospitals we finally started our revalidation at Trauma Centre. 

We strongly felt that the revalidation process should also include seeing the procedures again, since what stakeholders say and what they do, need not always be the same, there can be GAPS!


We were stationed in the Neuro ICU for another round of very specific need-based observations.
The Nurse took around 15 minutes in placing the nasogastric tube in the correct position for feeding the patient (who was on liquid diet). During most of the events the tube either curled up or came out through the mouth.

Is the process of putting nasogastric tube difficult ? Have you ever felt the need of an assistive device?

Putting Nasogastric tube is not a time sensitive process, even if it takes time in putting the tube in the right position, it is fine as long as it does not harm the patient.
We are used to this process that though there are laryngoscopes for assisting the process, but we do it ourselves and it is correct most of the time.

If the stakeholder says that it is not a problem, then mostly its not.
But on the contrary, sometimes they are so used to the problem that, they adapt to it and no longer see problems in it! 

….from the notebook of Asish Mohandas 

“If I had asked my customers what
they wanted, they would have said
a faster horse”.

 - Henry Ford