Observation | Problem | Need Statement

It is important to distinguish between an observation, a problem and the need statement.

An observation is what you see. Statistically speaking this is n=1.
If you saw something it could be just an aberration in the scheme of things. Making an observation could be a great starting point to engage, to get motivated and to start your enquiry.

Statistically speaking if the number of observations is equal to 1 the next step after you have the observation is to simply enquire if this is the problem which is unique to the location where you are making the observation or does it happen at more than one location.
If it happens at a wider scale/universally - you would want to look deeper into the nuances of the problem.

You might wonder why we are asking you to do that this.
It is primarily because when you are embarking on this journey your success depends on solving a problem which is at multiple places so that you have a customer base to test your hypothesis and to eventually sell your product or service to.

'A need statement is a problem with a razor focus.'

A need statement has 3 components. The best way to remember is by the acronym WOW.
W = What is the problem you are trying to solve
O = How will you Objectively measure Outcomes of your solution
W = For whom are you solving this problem