Scoring & Weightage

At this stage of our fellowship journey we were preparing for the International Immersions in Australia and Japan. We therefore had to prepare a comprehensive list of need statements we wish to investigate in those georgraphies, based on our research results from the past weeks.

In order to evaluate each need, how do we decide the criteria for scoring using the chosen Filters. Should we use a scoring scale?

Dr. Prashant Jha
It depends on your team’s preference. For example, if your team wants to improve the morbidity of a disease condition more than the mortality then you should put higher score on a problem which can improve the morbidity.

Also, if your team thinks both mortality and morbidity is important then you can put the same score for both. For example, give "3" for a problem related both to mortality and morbidity, and give "1" for a problem related to discomfort.

Give a Weightage to each Filter. For scoring the weightage, you should put higher weight value for factors which your team thinks are more important than other factors.

There is no gold standard method for scoring and weighting filtering factors. You must agree upon it as a team and find the best filtering method that works for you. Try and make it as objective as possible.

Make sure that your scores are backed by research data, i.e. no matter who so ever uses the Filters, based on you research and your criteria each time you get the same result.

If there are some Needs that we are really want to work on but were eliminated by the filtering process; Can we put it back on our Needs list?

Dr. Prashant Jha
Of course, you can. But, you should limit this to only one Need for each member. If you don't set a limit then it might make all of your researchs and filtering process meaningless.
When you choose to keep a Need inspite of the elimination, make sure to note why is was filtered out and investigate it to be prepared for that limiting factor.

As the result of the filtering, finally each team had around 40 Need Statements in their pocket down from near 300 observations. This needs list is the key to our future and will make a decisive influence over our next few years of work in MedTech.

All of us, believe this to be the most precious list for our journey.

...from the notebook of Yasuyuki Matsuura