Power of Social Media

As we began to further narrow down our problem area, we required validation from both clinicians and patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has made visiting hospitals and clinics nearly impossible, therefore, we started to look for innovative alternatives that could make interaction between patients and clinicians achievable. 

This is when the power of social media struck us. Social media is such a vast platform, which allowed us to connect with thousands of clinicians and patients around the world just through a computer at the comfort/discomfort of our homes. We started off trying to contact doctors, nurses and other professionals in our chosen field via email and phone. Honestly, it was no shocker to us when we started off very slow considering the circumstances we were in; we received only few responses and fewer meetings. 

Shreya: “Why don’t we use LinkedIn to connect with doctors, nurses and other clinicians? 

Nitya: “What if they don’t accept our request or ignore our messages?” 

Overcoming this fear of rejection is challenging. However, we just needed to take a leap of faith, which helped us widen our perspective, as we began to gain traction and speak to more and more doctors across the globe. 

The next challenge we came across was being able to gain access to patients. We started off with family and friends but slowly exhausted that list. So, we started looking for other mediums to reach patients, for instance, online blogs and Facebook support groups.  

Shreya: “How do we reach all these people? Should we message them individually or post on these groups?” 

Nitya: “Let’s create an anonymous survey with some basic questions which we can post on these support groups” 

This online survey worked great for us, as it reached patients all around the world, especially those who find it uncomfortable sharing their experiences in a face-to-face interview. We were able to understand the severity of our problem much better by gaining a global perspective and most importantly realize the power of a simple tool, that is social media.