One of my key contributions to the medical technology innovation ecosystem has been the setting up of School of International Biodesign and a hub-and-spoke model of innovation centres spanning universities in Australia, Japan, Finland, Japan, UK and USA.

A few years ago the funders of our School, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), organised a review of the School. Among the eclectic review panel was Professor Anil Gupta - who suggested that we must disseminate our wisdom and methods for greater good. I had promised to him that we will do our best to make the knowledge available to a greater audience.

MedTech.guru is an attempt to make the insights from the Biodesign classroom available to everyone. It contains the distilled knowledge of conversations in the Biodesign classroom. Unlike traditional university classrooms where a Professor comes with pre-loaded knowledge and disseminates it like a preacher from a podium, I come to my classes with questions and then our Fellows add to the beauty of learning by asking more questions. The flat classroom, where the students and teacher are both enquirers of unknown - makes the classroom electric, full of energy and enthusiasm.

As we post key learnings from the sessions at the school, you might want to help us improve it by sending bouquets and brickbats! All are welcome.

I say something to my students, colleagues, and myself - all the time!

'Wise people make new mistakes!'

I hope reading these snippets and being with us (albeit virtually) will help you learn from our mistakes and make new mistakes. I would request that you share those with us. It will help us improve our methods and needless to say, we will credit you for your entries, suggestions and ideas.

Happy learning!


Dr. Prashant Jha
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School of International Biodesign

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